Westminster News 
1 March 2020

Lord, let me be an instrument of your peace

Piano keys, acrylic, St Francis of Assissi prayer on plywood board, by Robert Burton 2020

Rev Burton reflects: “I have been a recipient of Friar Richard Rohr’s meditations on his website for several years. In his meditation for February 2, 2020 he reviews, in part, St Francis of Assissi’s rule of life to simply “live the gospel.” Within that context I have used his famous prayer to give some direction to that living midst its pain, confusion and disorder.

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Westminster News 
23 February 2020

Bouquet for the Bells

I took a phone call on Friday just as I was going for lunch. A woman called to thank us for the bells. It sounded like she was crying. She said she had been sitting in her car at the red light, seething with anger, when our bells came on and completely changed her perspective. She was so thankful and asked that we never stop the bells. Just thought I should share — Marilyn Thiessen, Office Administrator.

Please keep the congregation and staff of Knox United Church, Winnipeg in your thoughts and prayers this week.

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Westminster News 
16 February 2020

Prayers & Praise

  • Please keep the congregations and staff of The Northwest Interlake in your thoughts and prayers this week.
  • There will be a Pancake Supper at the church on Tuesday Feb. 25 starting at 5:30. Please see the sign-up sheet for opportunities to help.

Lenten Candle-lighting begins March 1st

For centuries, lighting a candle has been an important part of the spiritual journey — a way for pilgrims to remember, to pray for, to hope, to bless, to lift up or to honour or acknowledge fellow travelers, important moments, spiritual yearnings (like a prayer for peace), or other significant experiences.

Beginning Sunday March 1, 2020 and for the following four Sunday mornings, there will be tea lights available on the platform at the front of the sanctuary. Prior to worship, as you come into the sanctuary (and until the service starts) you are invited to light a tea light if you wish, in silence, as a personal remembrance, prayer, blessing, joy or acknowledgement/honouring during this Lenten time. Blessings to all of us pilgrims as we move through our spiritual journey this Lent.

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Westminster News 
9 February 2020

Prayer & Praise

  • Please keep the congregation and staff of Angus Bonner Memorial United Church of South Indian Lake, in your thoughts and prayers this week.
  • There will be a Pancake Supper at the church on Tuesday Feb. 25 starting at 5:30. A sign-up sheet will be up next week.

Thank you, folks at Westminster United Church

Thank you very much for your donation of scarves, toques and hats to West Broadway. The need is continuous as the weather is cold and conditions are wet. People are most grateful — West Broadway Care Team.

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