Westminster News 
22 April 2018

Thank you, and congratulations!

Thank you to Rev. Don McIntyre for filling in at the pulpit today. Sherri returns next week. And … congratulations to Valerie McIntyre who received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at Rideau Hall in Ottawa. The medal was presented by Her Excellency, the Right Honourable Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada.

Golf tournament

The 21st Westminster Open Golf Tournament is scheduled for TUESDAY, June 5. Please mark your calendar.

This week we hold in our thoughts and prayers Transcona Memorial United Church.

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Westminster News 
15 April 2018

This week we hold in our thoughts and prayers:

Sturgeon Creek United Church and the family, friends and the many communities affected by the Humboldt Broncos tragic accident.

Today we welcome the Berry Family!

Steven Berry was born in Ontario and was baptised in a United Church in Ontario but due to his father being part of the military he was never able find a church to call home. Nicole was born in Winnipeg and baptised at Westminster United in 1988. After meeting at work the two got engaged and were instantly drawn to the rich history and beauty of Westminster United Church. The couple say it was an easy decision to get married here September 14, 2013. A few short years in, 2015 later they welcomed their later born daughter Éire first and had her baptised at Westminster. In July of 2017 become Éire was overjoyed to a big sister to baby Lennon.

Lennon Willow Dawn Berry, born July 27th 2017, has been such a Blessing and constant source of smiles. She’s got a cheeky smile, relaxed demeanor and has been a dream baby. Parents Nicole and Steve along with Godparents Kara-Lynn Sorensen and Daniel Perrault are amazed with how much love can come from such a tiny human. The Berry family loves to travel and have big dreams of having their girls experience the world. Next month the family is traveling to Scotland for their first adventure as a family of four.

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Westminster News 
8 April 2018


Random notes …

  • We welcome Rev. Peter Douglas to our pulpit this morning!
  • This week we hold in our thoughts and prayers the Christian Student Movement.
  • We appreciate and acknowledge the following for their support in making our display of Easter flowers possible.

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Westminster News 
1 April 2018

Thank you!

We thank the following folks assisting today as Communion Servers: Ron Miller, Boyd Rausch, Philistina Howard, Carol Macoomb, Lynn E. Soens, Annette Kletke and Ted Barnett.

Communion offerings …

Today’s Communion offerings will go to the Taxi Fund. Envelopes can be found in your box of envelopes or on the hall or narthex tables.

This week we hold in our thoughts and prayers
St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry

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