Westminster News 
23 September 2018

Random notes …

  • Thank you Lynne Mavins for accompanying our worship service today.
  • A celebration of life for Allan Denton was held in the Lecture Hall this past Wednesday. Rev. Sherri McConnell presided.
  • A big thank you from the Membership and Fellowship Committee to all the people who helped make the lunch last week so successful! It was great to see everyone enjoying the food and conversation and the desserts were wonderful!
  • This week in the Winnipeg Presbytery prayer cycle we remember the United Centre for Theological Studies at the University of Winnipeg.

Nathan’s Notes

A few years ago the choir performed “Rejoice in the Lamb” by English composer Benjamin Britten. It’s a fun piece- the music is dynamic, and the text is really lovely. It’s tough though. Throughout the piece, the music changes time- the beat, or tempo stays the same, but the groupings of those beats changes. It can be a nightmare! Imagine trying to dance a waltz, but every time you get to the first beat, it’s been shifted.

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